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Technology in plastic injection mold-making (tooling)

The application of new technology in plastic injection mold-making plays an essential role for the development of the mold industry.

New technology for mold design and mold-making

The new technology in plastic injection mold-making and the difference between the new technology and the tradition one are not quite popular. Thorough understanding about the new technology of mold building will help you have a insight of the high-tech plastic objects you are currently owning.

Smart Vietnam – an expert in plastic injection mold-making will help you understand deeply about the following issues:

  • What is the new technology of plastic injection mold building?
  • How superior are Smart's qualifications, machines and production capacity to meet the standard needs in the 4.0 Industry?
  • What are new technologies in mold-making and mold’s applications in life?

Smart Vietnam is striving to bring the supporting industry (CNPT) to a new development. Therefore, the application of the most advanced and modern technologies in making mold is the first step of this desire.


Modern CAD/CAM/CNC technology in mold-making

CAD/CAM/CNC are common terms in the mechanical engineering industry. These are all new technologies, integrating high knowledge content to help improve product quality as well as create outstanding productivity.

Application of CAD in mold-making

CAD is a computer-based design software that is widely applied in many fields. This software allows designers to create product models in the form of 2D or 3D drawings, the images of simulation drawings have are almost like the ones of finished products.

A highly complex mold will be simplified through CAD software. This is very beneficial to the prototype quickly and accurately.

Application of CAM in mold-making

Similar to CAD, CAM is a mechanical processing software on computer. However, CAM is not used to design molds, but it is like an operating system that run CNC machines through computer.

The CAM software has the function of receiving data analysis, calculating the parameters given from the detailed CAD and then controlling the CNC machines to operate.

The use of this CAM technology makes automotive machines work according to pre-programmed programs. At this time, the technical specialist plays the role of monitoring, setting deviation for the operating program of the machine.

CAD/CAM software are wildly applied in mold-making

Application of CNC in mold-making

CNC machines are the high-tech, modern machines with almost absolute precision. CNC machines include: cutting machines, milling machines, laser punches…and other new industrial machines.

As mentioned above, the CNC machine system works automatically through programming on CAM software. In terms of product quality and quantity, CNC machines meet the top standards of the world. Whether it is a large mold or a small mold, these CNC machines can produce high-precision finished products.

New technology in mold making is CAD/CAM/CNC - the most modern and advanced software and machine, which makes an unified, complete system with a strict process.

With the new level of technology in the plastic injection mold in particular and the mold industry in general, it brings many outstanding benefits and gradually replaces the old technologies.

The most advanced CNC machinery system for plastic injection mold making

The difference between the new technology and the traditional one

The traditional mold making technology is not able to meet the high requirements in production. Therefore, the advent of high technology brings about breakthroughs in all fields.

In mold-making process, it is necessary to apply technology in production. The difference of applying new technology in mold-making is shown in:

  • Specialization: machine lines operate automatically
  • Mold quality: the intricate components of the mold are easily solved, the accuracy reaches 100%.
  • Production volume is tens, hundreds of times higher than traditional processing. This contributes to product costs reduction while ensuring the equal quality compared with imported molds.
  • Competence of the staff: good professional qualifications, as a CNC master.

The above difference is a prerequisite to bring Vietnam's industry closer to developed industries in the world. Plastic injection mold-making companies as the core must be aware of this.

Smart Vietnam's mold-making capacity

Smart Vietnam is proud of being the leading "pioneer" in the mold-making industry. With new experiences and thoughts, Smart Vietnam has become a leading partner of many companies located in the most developed industries in the world such as the US, Japan, Korea... This proves one thing, when Smart Vietnam can meet the needs of the "big men", our products will be beyond the expectation of most customers.

What people see and appreciate the ability of a company is that molds not only meet high standards but also meet the purpose of promoting the supporting industry (CNPT) in Vietnam to develop, global integration. To achive this, effort is merely not enough. It needs more than that, it is the deep understanding of this industry by the entire population. Smart Vietnam - with the mission of "Using and exploiting Vietnamese intellectual potential to the fullest, constantly innovating to create high-quality products and services that are beyond customers’ expectations.

Words must be accompanied by actions and the way Smart Vietnam turns it into action is:

Invest in modern equipment for mold making and precision spare parts machining.

With trained and experienced staff, modern machinery and strict QC processes, our production capacity can now meet tolerances within 5 micron precision.


Main size (below 180 tons): ~ 15 molds/month

Max size (180- 350 tons): ~ 10 molds/month

Inserts for molds 15000 pieces/year
Injection molding

30.000.000 shots/year

The complicated parts that are difficult to process and require high precision can be completed by Smart Vietnam in terms of quality and time.

Our products could be within extremely low tolerances after being processed on the most advanced machinery technology line.

High-tech required products in the plastic industry, whether small in size, simple or complex in structure, large in size, can all be made by Smart Vietnam.

Smart Vietnam’s sample products are all ordered from companies having strict standards in Electronics Automotive,… Industries.

Plastic injection mold-making service

With the qualifications and capability of making molds, Smart Vietnam is able to manufacture all kinds of plastic injection mold according to customers’ requests. With professionalism and qualifications, of technology and techniques – Smart Vietnam has been always satisfying partners, creating a premise for a strong cooperation.

Our target customers are the ones that require high and strict accuracy in fields such as automotive, electronics, sanitary ware, and medical device.

Making molds requires a high level of skills from an engineer or a professional mold making agent. In particular, making molds on demand requires tight tolerance. Therefore, Smart Vietnam is always the first choice, because of the technology, machines, people and sample products we have introduced to customers.

We work according to a strict process, strict discipline, so customers who want to make custom molds need to pay attention to coordination to bring the best work efficiency:

Stage 1: Receiving the complete design from the customer

Stage 2: Studying and evaluating the existing plastic mold design

Stage 3: Quoting molds as required

Stage 4: Making molds

Stage 5: Quality checking and handing over molds to customers

Price is always a measure of value. But with Smart Vietnam - the leading mold agent, the price is negotiable. We always give preference to customers who want to cooperate and develop together.

Precision spare parts machining - making molds at the request of customers.

Smart Vietnam will be your most trustworthy partner.

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