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Each plastic product line needs a certain form of mold. Smart PM is currently a leading company in the field of manufacturing and fabricating plastic injection molds of all kinds with the most preferential prices in the market. Let's learn about plastic injection mold manufacturing services in the article below.

Production and fabrication of plastic injection molds


In each mold production and manufacturing system, enterprises need to always ensure that the machine system works effectively to be able to create high quality plastic products and beautiful designs. Therefore, any company needs to be qualified to meet the standards of a precise plastic injection mold structure.

  • In order to make accurate plastic injection molds, the company needs to provide the most detailed injection mold design, including index information about projection angles, cross-sections, detailed dimensions, permissible tolerances. or separate requirements for each item to be processed. This is a prerequisite to be able to manufacture accurate and quality plastic injection molds.

  • The company needs a qualified and well-trained manufacturing team. During the mold design and manufacturing process, there will be many problems that need to be solved. At that time, the engineer team plays an important role in solving the problem, so that the production line runs smoothly.

The role of plastic injection mold making in the production of plastic parts

The use of precision plastic molds in plastic injection molding is currently one of the most efficient and most accurate production technologies. This is a perfect method for mass production of plastic parts in large quantities, serving many different industries today.
Manufacturing Plastic injection mold is very important because:

  • This technology is applicable in the production of parts with complex structures or small details. When injecting plastic into the mold requires extremely high injection pressure, so the liquid plastic is forced into the mold, even though the mold has many complex structures.
  • Plastic injection mold is flexible, suitable for many different plastic materials.
  • Normally, plastic injection molds have a fairly long life, because in the injection molding process, fillers can be used to reduce the density of plastic and increase the durability of the product.
  • ptimizing production time, helping to reduce product costs. Owning a precise plastic injection mold helps manufacturers to speed up production to meet orders, thereby reducing operating costs, especially labor costs. Since then, the price of products sold has also been lowered to match the spending level of consumers.O

It can be seen that the cost investment in the production and manufacturing of plastic injection molds brings a lot of benefits to businesses and factories. Therefore, finding a reputable company in manufacturing plastic injection molds is also a matter of concern

Introducing a reputable mold manufacturing company

Smart PM is currently a leading company in the field of manufacturing and fabricating plastic molds, bringing professional and quality services to customers
Manufacturing plastic injection mold and Fabricating process at Smart is supported by modern machinery system: CNC machine system, CAD and CAM computer-aided design to help manufacture high-precision molds with high precision extremely small error
The team of engineers at Smart PM all have expertise and long-term experience in the industry, helping to keep the operation process smooth and able to promptly solve problems arising in the manufacturing process.
When you cooperate with Smart PM, we are committed to bringing you the best quality products at the best prices.

Plastic mold making service at Smart Company

Quotation for making precise plastic injection mold

Here are the main factors that determine the cost of plastic injection molds:

  • Accuracy: The higher the precision required for the mold design, the more expensive it is. For example, a mold that requires an accuracy of 0.01mm- 0.1mm will be more expensive than a mold that requires an accuracy of 1mm. The higher the accuracy requirement, the more modern machinery must be used by the mold manufacturing unit, so the high initial investment cost as well as the cost of hiring quality labor is pushed up, leading to weakness mold cost increased.

  • Requirements on product structure: the simpler the product, the easier it is to design the plastic mold and vice versa. For products with complex structures such as undercut designs, threaded products or surface gloss requirements, etc., the mold making process will take more time and effort as well as testing the mold many times to produce the most accurate mold product. This process will require some additional costs involved, thus pushing up the cost of the mold when it reaches the customer.

  • Product size: for larger products, a larger mold is needed, so the amount of material to make plastic injection molds increases, pushing up the cost of making molds

We provide the factors that determine the cost of the mold so that customers have an overview of the price negotiation with the cooperation unit. However, at Smart PM, we are always committed to the lowest mold making price while still ensuring the quality of plastic production.

Why is plastic mold production at Smart PM having the cheapest in the market?

Why can Smart PM be confident that price is our advantage? Because Smart PM owns outstanding points compared to other companies

  • Our engineer team will directly evaluate based on customer requirements, to outline the most economical options right from the design stage.
  • Closed plastic mold design process, strict quality control according to international standards
  • Smart PM owns a system of modern and advanced plastic injection molding machinery, which helps to keep the manufacturing tolerances as small as possible, satisfying all the needs of customers
  • Reputation and quality of service always come first. You will have a great cooperation experience when choosing our unit

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