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Factory of injection molding for plastic toys Smart Vietnam

High-tech injection molding technology is a method of processing and manufacturing plastic toys that is used by Smart Vietnam.

Smart Vietnam specializes in making molded plastic products of various types including: household plastic parts; Plastic toy; Medical plastic; Plastic parts used in the automotive, electrical & electronic industries, audio-visual equipment,...
Plastic products supplied to the above industries will have their own technical requirements. Smart Vietnam utilises the most advanced injection molding technology nowaday, always ready to meet the requirements of customers. In particular, Smart Vietnam provides a full service to the requirements of customers, from Plastic Product Development - Mold Processing – to Finished molded plastic products.
Smart's goal of producing molded plastic parts or complete products for children's toys always focuses on safety first, along with quality standards. It builds on real-world studies of children's behavior

Expertise and production capabilities for children's toys from molded plastic parts

Particularly, the scale of the injection molding factory with an area of 4,200m2 is fully equipped with the latest Japanese technology horizontal plastic injection machine system. The automatic assistive devices and equipment in injection molding are also imported with a large total value. The investment in complete infrastructure allows Smart Vietnam to conduct various injection molding projects with high quality products, short production times, and outstanding productivity. All of these factors facilitate competitive pricing.
On average, our injection molding factory produces 220 tons of plastic each year, creating 20,000,000 plastic products.
The quality of plastic as input materials for the production of children's toys is carefully and strictly controlled by Smart to ensure maximum safety when used. The resins are highly reusable. And Injection molding machines by JSW and Toshiba with the size of 50 - 450 tons are capable of injection molding all kinds of thermosets, thermoplastics of all sizes, with simple or complex structures.


Making plastic injection molds for toys

The perfect plastic injection solution lies in the mold design. Along with high-tech plastic injection molding services, mold design and mold manufacturing activities are very developed at Smart.
Smart Vietnam directly designs 3D simulation products -> mold design on CAD software -> Mold processing.
Mold design and mold manufacturing require knowledge, expertise, experience and manufacturing technology. The more modern technology combined with good workmanship and long experience will create a high precision mold set. Children's toy molds have many complex small parts, bulges, thick / thin walls, ... In the design and manufacture of plastic injection molds, there are still many more complicated problems, so choosing Smart Vietnam is a wise decision. Smart can offer many effective solutions for its valued customer's mold project.
Smart Vietnam will always try with all efforts to bring the best service to OEM customers in the toy industry who have trusted us.

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