Identify 3 inherent weaknesses of Vietnam mechanical enterprises

Identify 3 inherent weaknesses of Vietnam mechanical enterprises

Technology, outdated equipment

Currently the technology and equipment of the domestic engineering company to go after about 30-40 years compared to 50-60 years compared to the region and to the world. Most of the equipment has many years of use, technical features are outdated, inferior accuracy to create products lack competitiveness in quality and price.

For example, to create embryonic stages, stages metalworking machines still use outdated, inaccurate; Classic technology, low level of automation. Machine-tool technology applications but have modern digital controls such as CNC, CAD / CAM, but accuracy is not high.

While machinery, obsolete technology, the engineering firm lacked capital to renovate, modernize equipment and technology. In addition, although the key industries but invested for the mechanical engineering industry is still very low, causing the mechanical factory "high life" to have had to bear the whole industry for the production.

Weak and inadequate human resources in quantity and quality

Currently companies, factories mechanical condition facing serious labor shortages, especially engineers, technicians, skilled workers. Much of manpower not meet production demands of high-tech engineering as a lack of knowledge about the new technology, not high professional level.

Moreover, workers in mechanical engineering without the cooperation, closely linked to each other, the ability to work the low group.Those skilled, high technology often "hidden job", refused to share their experiences to others.

In addition, enterprises have not built a team of researchers, consultants, design technology and design and manufacture. In addition, businesses also lack close contact with the school to order high-quality human resources to meet actual needs.

Enterprises lack of cooperation, linked together

Enterprise Our mechanics is like a bundle of chopsticks, individual businesses are strong but very weak link strength, ability to cooperation, low specialization should remain out how to compete with companies foreign engineering even at home.

Vietnam enterprises only mechanical virtually closed, assumed the stages from A to Z should not use up the capacity of existing machinery and technology can not be developed, additional quantity and quality of human resources. The lack of a link between enterprises and between enterprises with Business Association Vietnam mechanical engineering companies should not create competitiveness, construction and mechanical protection of domestic markets.

Therefore, enterprises need to increase specialization and cooperation, avoid duplication of investment, causing damage to the business and the entire industry as well as the maximum advantage of the capacity and strengths of each unit. In addition, businesses also need to actively seek its own path, penetrate global production chains in order to acquire new technology, improve the quality of human resources, thereby promoting the domestic engineering industry development.