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Plastic toy injection molding factory of Smart Vietnam

High-tech injection molding technology is a method of processing plastic toys used by Smart Vietnam.

Smart Vietnam specializes in pressing various types of plastic products including: household plastic parts; Plastic toy; Medical plastic; Plastic parts used in the automotive, electrical & electronics industries, audio-visual equipment, etc. Plastic products provided for the above industries will have specific technical requirements. Smart application of the most advanced injection squeeze technology currently is always ready to meet the customer requirements of. In particular, Our Smart consistently provide the service of package requirements of customers from Plastic product design - Mold processing - Pressing of finished products.

At Smart, The objective of manufacturing partial or plastic injection molding for children's toys is always on the leading safety, along with quality standards. It is built on actual research on children's behavior.

High level and production capacity of injection molding for baby toys.

Particularly, the scale of an injection molding factory with an area of 4,200m2 is fully equipped with the latest Japanese technology horizontal plastic injection machinery system. The maximum support equipment in injection molding are also imported with a large total value. The investment in facilities and infrastructure is completed higher than common standards, for that reason, allows Smart Vietnam to carry out various injection molding projects with high quality products, fast time and competitive prices.

Our injection molding factory produces 220 tons of plastic, producing 20,000,000 average plastic products per year.

The plastic quality used as input materials for the production of children's toys has been selected and controlled strictly by Smart to ensure maximum safety when used. The plastic types are highly reusable. And with JSW injection molding machine,

Toshiba size from 50 tons to 450 tons is capable of squeezing all thermoplastic plastic kinds of any size, simple or complex structure.

Producing toy molds.

The perfect plastic injection solution lies in the mold design part. Along with the high-tech plastic injection molding service, the design and mold making activities are perfectly developed at Smart.

Smart Vietnam directly designs products on 3D drawings -> mold designs on 2D or 3D drawings -> Mold machining.

In mold design and manufacture, it strictly requires knowledge, skill level, experience and technology. The more advanced technology combined with good skill level and long-time experience will create a high precision mold set. The mold of children's toys has many complex details, protruding lugs, different thickness / thin walls, in mold design and manufacture, there are many more complicated issues, so choosing Smart Vietnam as a partner. Machining will ensure the perfect toy mold quality.

Smart Vietnam always tries its best to bring the best service to the toy customers who trust us regularly.

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