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Quality is a constant concern of Smart Vietnam and thus occupies a leading role in its leadership strategy. We seek to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering solutions for the plastics injection industry, which include the whole process of mold development, such as engineering, supervision of the mold construction, testing, validation and providing the finished product.

In this context, the management of Smart Vietnam is committed to maintaining a Quality Management System based on the following principles:

· Ensure compliance with customer requirements, legal and statutory, on product and delivery time, always seeking to exceed customer expectations;

· Establish a mutually beneficial relationship and trust with suppliers, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and simultaneously our suppliers;

· Achieve profitability levels that ensure the growth of Smart Vietnam;

· Continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system performance by measuring and monitoring processes;

· Analyze and periodically review the adequacy and applicability of the policy, objectives and procedures, given the performance results and profitability of the company;

· Ensure constant motivation.

We believe that the establishment allow of these principles us to obtain favorable credibility to the increase in turnover, ensuring access to new markets and customers, and ensuring the future and stability of the company.




Message From CEO

People are the greatest asset": A quality product and excellent service provided to customers must be derived from people with high professional, a spirit of full responsibility, a will strive tirelessly, a suitable moral quality social norms, toward the community values ...


It has been 10 years from 2008 to 2018, our corporation has changed, developed and gained many great achivements.