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Trusted partner in manufacturing car components

The automotive industry is a high-tech manufacturing industry. It requires  manufacturers to supply components and parts for automobile assembly that meet pre-set strict quality standards and undergo a lot of tests in order to be consider good. Therefore, not all Vietnamese partners are able to step into the production and supply chain for car components.

Smart Vietnam - a leading manufacturer and supplier of auto components
Smart Vietnam is a prominent name participating in the production and supply chain of components and parts for the automotive assembly field.

What are the car components that Smart Vietnam participates in the production process?

• Injection Molding for interior and exterior engineering plastic parts
• Manufacturing Precision plastic injection molds used to injection molding of parts in assemble cars
• Brackets - components that are used to assemble parts into systems in cars
• Manufacturing screw bolts according to technical requirements of the industry.

What technology is Smart Vietnam used to produce car components?

Plastic injection machines are horizontal plastic injection machines from major brands JSW and Toshiba - Japanese technology. The plastic injection molding factory is equipped with automatic machines to support to improve the quality and quantity of plastic products.
Regarding the processing and manufacturing of molds, Smart Vietnam is equipped with 3-axis Makino CNC machine capable of automatically centering; WC wire Cut; EDM electrical discharge machine. This state-of-the-art mold processing machinery system enables precision level of 5 micron.
A part of components made from sheet metal will be processed by Smart Vietnam with a system of CNC laser cutting, bending and punching machines from Trumpf technology company – Germany, according to orders.

Production Procedure according to ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard

Quality is the top basis for Smart Vietnam to shake hands with partners, the top concern that Smart always strives to maintain and improve.
With high-tech automotive components, our quality products are controlled starting from the smallest production processes to project management in accordance with international ISO standards.
Smart Vietnam - a reliable partner always ready to accompany you to develop!


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