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Technologies in plastic mold manufacturing

Technologies in plastic mold manufacturing

The application of new technologies in plastic mold manufacturing plays an important and decisive role in the development of mold manufacturing industry.

New technologies for manufacturing perfect plastic mold

What are new technologies in plastic mold manufacturing and how they are different from conventional technologies, to some persons, have not been fully understood. A deeper understanding of the new technologies to make plastic molds will help you have a more diversified view on the plastic products which you are using.
Smart Vietnam – an expert in plastic mold manufacturing will help you get a deep and broad understanding of the followings:
•    What are new technologies in plastic mold manufacturing industry?
•    How Smart Vietnam’s expertise, machines and capabilities satisfy and exceed the requirements in 4.0 industry era?
•    What are technical plastic products from mold industry and their applications in reality.
The orientation of Smartpm is to level up the supporting industry to a new height of development. Thus, applying the most advanced and mordern technologies in manufacturing plastic mold is the first step on the road.

Modern CAD/CAM/CNC technologies in plastic mold manufacturing

CAD/CAM/CNC are terminologies frequently seen in machanical manufacturing industry. These are new technologies, integrating a huge amount of high level knowledge that helps improve product quality as well production efficiency.

CAD application in plastic mold manufacturing

CAD is Computer-aided design that has been extensively used in many applications. This software allow designers to create products curves and figures in two-dimensional (2D) space as well as in three-dimensional (3D) space, and the simulated results reflect almost the actual products after production.

The use of CAM in plastic mold manufacturing

Similar to CAD, CAM is a software installed on computer used in the manufacturing of work pieces. However, CAM is not used to make design drawings, it refers to the use of a computer to assist in all operations of a manufacturing plant.
CAM has functions to receive and analyze data, calculating all parameters from CAD and then control the operations of CNC machines.
The use of CAM technologies has made machines run automaticlly as per programs that have been installed in advance. Technicians work as supervisor, set orders for machines to run.

The use of CNC in plastic mold manufacturing

CNC is the most high tech machines that are modern and of almost absolute precision. CNC machines include: cutting machines, lathing, milling, laser cutter etc.the newest industrial machines generation.
As mentioned above, CNC systems can work automatically based on advance programming via CAM software. Product quality are guaranteed thanks to the excellent technologies of highest international standards. Regardless of large scale or small scale plastic molds, CNC machines can make products with high precision.
New technologies in manufacturing plastic mold are CAD/CAM/CNC – which are software, modern machines. They are combined in an integrated system, work under a synchronized and complete procedure.
Newest technologies in plastic mold manufacturing in particular and molding industry in general bring out many benefits and gradually replace old technologies.

The difference between modern and and conventional technologies in plastic mold industry 

Conventional technologies in plastic mold industry have not been able to meet high requirements in production. Thus, modern technologies have brought out many achievement in many sectors.
I manufacturing plastic molds, the use of newest technologies of high level knowledge is inevitable. The difference in applying new technologies are shown below:
•    Specialization: production line works automatically.
•    Mold quality: the most complicated parts of molds can be made easily with 100% precision.
•    Production quantity: ten or hundred times higher compared with conventional technologies. This helps lower the costs of products while ensuring quality comparable with imported products from foreign countries.
•    Skilled workforce: Possess expertise, managing and operating CNC machines.
Those difference is decisive factor in bringing Vietnam supporting industry closer to developed industrial countries in the world. Companies specialized in plastic mold manufacturing, as the core factors, must be self-concious about this.

Smart Vietnam mold manufacturing capabilities

Smart Vietnam is proud to be a leading company in plastic mold manufacturing industry. With experience and new thoughts, Smart Vietnam have been a partner with companies from industrial countries such as U.S.A, Japan, Korea etc.This is to prove that when Smart Vietnam can satisfy requirements from those big companies, Smart Vietnam can be confident of meeting what partners in Vietnam expect.
What people look at to evaluate a company is products that not only meet high standards, but also achieve the target of helping the Vietnam supporting industry develop, entering global market. To do so, it requires not only companies in plastic mold manufacturing industry, but also people to have deeper and broarder understandings of this industry.
Smart Vietnam with sologan “use and discover the most of Vietnamese people abilities, continuous innovations to make products and service of outstanding quality exceeding customer’s expectations”.

To match Words and actions and how Smart turns its words into action:
Invest in modern equipment to manufacture plastic mold and machining mechanical parts with high precision.

Smart has capabilities to make high tech plastic mold products regardless of small size and simple design, or big size and complicated structure.

Plastic products that Smart Vietnam makes are from Purchase order placed by companies who are famous with setting high quality and standards in mechanical, electronics etc. industries.

Custom plastic mold manufacturing service

Beside capabilities in making plastic mold, Smartpm also make customized plastic molds. With professional service and high technologies, Smartpm always try to satisfy customers, setting the base for solid cooperation.
Our target customers are those who requires high precision and have strict standards in many industries such as Automotives, electronics, Hygiene Equipment, health care etc.

Plastic mold manufacturing requires engineers to be of high expertise and operators to be professional, Especially when making customized plastic molds that needs high precision, low tolerance.
We work following a strict procedure and principle, thus partners who want to have custom molds need to closely collaborate with us for good results:
Stage 1: Receiving complete design from customers.
Stage 2: Research, evaluate the design at hand
Stage 3: Preparing quote for custom mold
Stage 4: Implementing the making of specific parts of plastic mold
Stage 5: QC and mold delivery to customers
Price is an indicator of value. But with Smart Vietnam – who is a leader in plastic mold manufacturing – price can be compromised. We always prioritize customers who share the same desires for mutual development.

In plastic mold manufacturing industry, it is smart choice to choose Smart Vietnam for custom plastic mold at the moment.

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