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Smart Vietnam - Strength in Manufacturing and fabricating

Manufacturing is part of the second region of an economy and it is of great importance and scale. Smart Vietnam is one of hundreds and thousands of enterprises operating in the field of manufacturing and fabricating, but the strength we bring is large for the comprehensive development of manufacturing.

Smart Vietnam with 2 production facilities operates in 2 different fields but has a close connection with each other.

Precision mechanical processing: Specializes in manufacturing plastic injection molds; machining components and parts of molds according to order.

Machining high-tech plastic injection molding: injection molding of finished plastic products; Injection molding of plastic parts provided for: electrical & electronic, children's toys, household appliances, automotive industry, motorcycles.

Smart Vietnam directly plays a role in both manufacturing and fabricating. It is also supplied input product for manufacturing field and other industries.

As a pioneer in technological innovation and building a system of manufacturing automation plants, Smart Vietnam wishes to provide input to the manufacturing sector with the best quality. That is in line with Smart's statement mission: “ To boost the development of supporting and mechanical engineering in Vietnam and to explore the best of Vietnam human intelligence and keep up with innovation to create products and services satisfying customer's needs''

Smart's mold production and processing capacity reach a high precision of 5 microns. It is completely capable to make molds up to 350 tons in size.

The processing and manufacturing capacity of high-tech plastic injection averages 220 tons per year and about 20,000,000 shots per year.

By the system of Japanese technology production machinery and skilled professional personnel, the specific number mentioned above will constantly increase and develop.

Besides the specific manufacturing industries fields

• Manufacturing electrical and electronic equipment.

• Fabrication of precision tools.

• Manufacturing cars, motorcycles, and transportation equipment.

• Other manufacturing sectors: medical equipment, household appliances, ...

Smart Vietnam aims to conquer the machinery manufacturing industry in the future, take control in technology

Electrical equipment & electron

Electrical equipment & electron Smart Vietnam serves the global electronics & electrical equipment manufacturing industry by providing plastic parts and parts in complex volumes and profiles.

Automotive & Motorcycle

The automotive industry is a high-tech manufacturing industry. It requires manufacturers that supply components and parts for automotive assembly to meet rigorous quality standards and undergo a lot of tests to be evaluated. Therefore, it is not many Vietnamese partners are ...