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The smart factory of machining and manufacturing household appliances.

Machining high-quality household appliances are part of Smart Vietnam's manufacturing activities.

The production scale of Smart Vietnam consists of 2 factories operating in 2 different fields including plastic injection and sheet metal machining, but they all share the same purpose of mass production of parts, components, and household appliances.

Instead of using unskilled labor, the Smart Vietnam plastic injection factory now owns intelligent automation systems and robots to reduce unskilled labor and increase production output.

The most important thing that every customer is interested in each small unit of plastic injection, level, machinery system and the way we manage the production chain. At Smart Vietnam, we consistently improving every day to become one of the outstanding suppliers and manufacturer in the supplier chain in the field of manufacturing and fabricating a household appliance.

Smart Vietnam owns a system of plastic injection molding machines from 50 tons to 450 tons of clamping force, allowing machining of small and medium-sized injection molding projects. Each JSW, Toshiba injection molding machine is equipped with a robotic arm to take Cavity completely automatically. Our cleanroom is built according to ISO 14644-1 to ensure that plastic products are free of surface dirt, which is especially important for transparent plastic injection molding.

Transparent plastic is the preferred plastic for the manufacture of parts of household appliances such as the door of the vertical cage washing machine, the refrigerator tray, the transparent outer cover protecting the light bulb, ... However, in order to meet up the required plastic products, not all companies can do it. Smart Vietnam is confident with the level and modern machinery that can fulfill the requirements of all customers, even fastidious customers.

Plastic injection facilities specializing in the manufacture of high-tech plastic parts. sheet metal fabrication facilities specialized to use for manufacturing internal cover of products which need to use sheet metal.

Tolerance is a factor for Smart Vietnam to affirm the quality of its part supplier brand for household appliance customers. The well-known household appliance brand in the world such as Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba, ToTo, ... are the target customers of Smart Vietnam in the next production projects

Electrical equipment & electron

Electrical equipment & electron Smart Vietnam serves the global electronics & electrical equipment manufacturing industry by providing plastic parts and parts in complex volumes and profiles.

Automotive & Motorcycle

The automotive industry is a high-tech manufacturing industry. It requires manufacturers that supply components and parts for automotive assembly to meet rigorous quality standards and undergo a lot of tests to be evaluated. Therefore, it is not many Vietnamese partners are ...