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Smart Vietnam and Operating in producing Medical Equipment

Medical plastic molds or medical plastic squeeze are the areas which Smart Vietnam is together participated

Manufacturing medical equipment is a specific industry with thorough and strict requirements according to GMP standards

Smart Vietnam is an injection molding company operating in the field of medical equipment, achieving ISO 9001: 2015 certification for Quality Standards and ISO 14001 for Environmental Standards. We specialize in the outsourcing of medical devices to provide all types of clients in the global healthcare industry

With a system of modern plastic injection molding machinery including JSW, Toshiba, Fanuc ... from sizes of 50 tons - 450 tons allows the most optimal operating capacity and conduct production for small and medium projects. Each injection molding machine is equipped with automatic accessory equipment including a plastic dryer, on-site recycling machine and high-speed 3-axis robot arm that pick up plastic products in the mold after each cycle. The cleanroom for plastic injection is built according to GMP standards of the most optimal medical equipment.

The principles of producing injection molding medical devices that Smart Vietnam implement for you to understand our manufacturing process more obviously.

• All production processes are clearly defined, systematically reviewed for potential risks.

• Verification of origin of materials, semi-finished products and finished products

• Operators are trained to carry out the procedure correctly.

• The information in the production process is stored as a basis.

• Hygiene is a leading issue in the processing of medical equipment, including production sanitation, environmental sanitation, and personal hygiene.

The medical equipment manufacturing capacity of a plastic injection unit is considered and evaluated in many aspects. Smart Vietnam is gradually asserting the name of the best manufacturer of high-tech plastic injection molding equipment

In addition, Smart also provides services to design and manufacture professional precision plastic injection molds. It is aimed at optimizing and synchronizing medical equipment manufacturing projects for customers, improving economic efficiency and safety.

Smart Vietnam's activities are all aimed at improving the ability to meet the needs of the healthcare industry comprehensively

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