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Electrical equipment & electron

Smart Vietnam serves the global electronics & electrical equipment manufacturing industry by providing plastic parts and parts in complex volumes and profiles.

Most electronic components have components, parts made from a high-tech plastic injection. Therefore, with the huge demand for high-tech plastic injection components for the field of electrical & electronic equipment in the market, Smart Vietnam is confident of its level, capacity and facility system, machinery is capable to meet all customer's strict requirements

The field of electrical & electronic equipment is the main dynamic industry in Vietnam, which needs a lot of components and spare parts from supporting industries. Smart Vietnam has a "vision" to build an Industrial Supporting Ecosystem, aiming to manufacture machines and products of high value according to international standards, to supply to global markets. Along with the awareness of its "mission" is to promote the development of supporting industries, machine manufacturing in Vietnam. That is our purpose, operation and development strategy, and the first goal of conquest is in the field of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Using advanced technologies, Smart Vietnam combines automation and robotics into manufacturing plastic, electrical and electronic components and to improve stability and productivity / 1 hour of labor. Some of the parts and plastic components are pressed by high-tech such as the external or internal parts of phones, printers, fans, televisions, electrical sockets, etc. All plastic products need injection molding, Smart Vietnam is capable to meet the demand

All parts, components, accessories of electrical & electronic equipment are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Standard. Big or super small size, super sophisticated Smart Vietnam also has enough capability to manufacturing.

Automotive & Motorcycle

The automotive industry is a high-tech manufacturing industry. It requires manufacturers that supply components and parts for automotive assembly to meet rigorous quality standards and undergo a lot of tests to be evaluated. Therefore, it is not many Vietnamese partners are ...

Audio & Visual Product

Manufacturer Of Parts For Audio-Visual Equipment Audio-visual equipment is very popular in today's life. Each person in the world uses at least 1 Smart Phone along with other supporting audio accessories. That means audiovisual equipment becomes an integral part of life.