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Mold Design

We believe high quality molds or plastic parts start with a great mold design.so we pay special attention to plastic mold construction, gates, runners, cooling channels and mechanisms to ensure the best solution are used. We work with customer closely to determine details such as mold steel, mold accessories standard, raw materials selection etc. constructive suggestions are always made for the benefit of your companies. All molds are carefully designed to maximize its service life and to ease maintenance, all molds are made economically and functionality to meet customer's expectations. Our design/engineering technologies include: 

  • Pro/Engineer/SolidWorks/UG (3D Modeling)

  • AutoCad (2D layout)

  • Moldflow analysis (Plastic flow/deform simulation)

  • MasterCam (CNC Programming)

Design for manufacturing (DFM) evaluation review occur both internally as well as with customers, proposal of part design optimization, mold, injection molding options are discussed to identify the best solution to achieve project goals and objectives. Customers review final tool design, such as part layout, parting line, ejection and gate locations, finishing, engraving etc, mold design in 2D & 3D will be provided and need to be authorized by customer before cutting steel.

Moldflow Anaylsis

Professional mold flow analysis can figure out mold defects that may exist in advance, save your cost on plastic injection mold testing and modification. Optimization plastic injection solution to help to determine the best hot runner position and help to identify whether there is an shrinkage, combined with the location of the line, reduce deformation, improve the cooling efficiency and shorten the injection molding cycle time as much as possible, a definite advantage to high volume mold making.

Currently we have 6 designers, most of them have 6 years or more than 10 years experiences as mold designer, familiar with HASCO, DME standards. We will work closely with your companies and ensure all required details are met.

Quality Control

Our metrology department has skilled technicians, a physical space with controlled environmental conditions and equipment and technology that allow us to control dimensionally plastic parts using 2D or 3D.