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Reliable automotive component manufacturing partner

The automotive industry is a high-tech manufacturing industry. It requires manufacturers that supply components and parts for automotive assembly to meet rigorous quality standards and undergo a lot of tests to be evaluated. Therefore, it is not many Vietnamese partners are able to take part in the automotive component production and supply chain.

Smart Vietnam - a leading manufacturer of automotive components.

Smart Vietnam is an outstanding name in the chain of manufacturing and supplying components and parts for automotive assembly.

what are the automotive components that Smart Vietnam has been manufacturing?

· Plastic injection for internal and external furnishing

· Processing precision plastic injection molds used to squeeze assembly parts for cars

· Brackets - components for assembling automotive parts

· Producing fasteners according to each industry standard

Technology used by Smart Vietnam to produce automotive components?

Plastic injection machines are horizontal plastic injection machines from famous brands as JSW and Toshiba - Japanese Technology. Plastic injection molding factory is invested with automatic machines to support to improve the quality and quantity of plastic products.

The mold manufacturing sector, Smart Vietnam is equipped with 3 axis Makino CNC machine with auto-center taking capability, WC wire cutting machine, EDM electric pulse machine. This state-of-the-art mold processing machinery system allows for 5 microns accuracy.

Electrical equipment & electron

Electrical equipment & electron Smart Vietnam serves the global electronics & electrical equipment manufacturing industry by providing plastic parts and parts in complex volumes and profiles.

Audio & Visual Product

Manufacturer Of Parts For Audio-Visual Equipment Audio-visual equipment is very popular in today's life. Each person in the world uses at least 1 Smart Phone along with other supporting audio accessories. That means audiovisual equipment becomes an integral part of life.