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Manufacturer Of Parts For Audio-Visual Equipment

Audio-visual equipment is very popular in today's life. Each person in the world uses at least 1 Smart Phone along with other supporting audio accessories. That means audiovisual equipment becomes an integral part of life.

With Smart Vietnam, the production and supply of audio-visual equipment is a part of our work, and also a part of our responsibility to contribute to the comfort of life.

Manufacturing and supplying of high-tech plastic injection products

Specializes in manufacturing and machining high-tech plastic injection products for such fields as Electrical & electronic equipment, Household appliances, Automotive parts, ... with Audio-visual equipment, Smart Vietnam can always meet the most strict requirements.

The system and technology of Japanese plastic injection machines with diverse sizes and volumes allow Smart Vietnam to make plastic injection orders on-demand from simple to complex structures.

Typically, pressing the mesh of earphones (Headphones). How to press out the diaphragm of an earphone with such tiny holes, it's not really that simple.


However, Smart Vietnam is not the only one company that can press out the most complete headphone diaphragm but it is the optimal manufacturing company that suitable for customers' conditions. Smart Vietnam are capabilities to:

· Production of loudspeakers with high dispersion sound quality.

· Pressing the external cover for audio equipment: loudspeakers, telephones, music players, ...

· Pressing the external cover of wired or wireless Bluetooth mobile phone headsets.

All parts of Smart audio equipment are made of plastic, we can complete well on modern machinery systems and a high level of skilled personnel.

Moreover, Smart is also a machining partner and self-made precision plastic injection molds. That can help our customer's partners make the most optimal choice.

Manufacturing metal parts for audiovisual equipment

Besides plastic injection, Smart Vietnam also outstanding with the role of manufacturer for sheet metal fabrication and multidisciplinary activities.

The plastic parts of audio equipment can be replaced with metal to create durability as well as a breakthrough in design. For example the diaphragm of the speaker system, the outer cover of the DVD player, the TV receiver, etc.


Canon, Brother, Samsung, ... are the target customers of Smart Vietnam.

Electrical equipment & electron

Electrical equipment & electron Smart Vietnam serves the global electronics & electrical equipment manufacturing industry by providing plastic parts and parts in complex volumes and profiles.

Automotive & Motorcycle

The automotive industry is a high-tech manufacturing industry. It requires manufacturers that supply components and parts for automotive assembly to meet rigorous quality standards and undergo a lot of tests to be evaluated. Therefore, it is not many Vietnamese partners are ...